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What is meant by DevOps and How it works in Azure and AWS

What is meant by DevOps and How it works in Azure and AWS

Definition of DevOps:

DevOps is the union of people, processes and technology, which is a compound for development (Dev) and operations (Ops), to offer consumers constant values.

For teams, what does DevOps mean? DevOps is the first to coordinate and cooperate on the production of better, more dependable goods, traditionally segregated responsibilities — development, IT operations, quality engineering and safety. By introducing a DevOps culture together with DevOps techniques and technologies, teams may respond better to customer requests, create confidence in their applications and achieve business goals more quickly


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an affiliated company of Amazon, providing private individuals, corporations and governments with on-demand cloud computing platforms, on a paid subscription basis. AWS allows organizations and developers to create scalable, complex applications using web services with over 175 services.
  • AWS started in 2006 and has greater cloud experience than any other cloud provider. Concerning the cloud computing platform, AWS satisfied the on-demand demands of companies well.
  • With a market share of 47.1 per cent, AWS dominates the public cloud industry. AWS, 41.5 per cent of working capacity, is the most popular public cloud infra platform.
  • AWS offers 55 available areas and eight more on the go. 
  • AWS certification quickly becoming the qualification required for every Cloud IT expert.
  • Certain popular AWS customers are:
  • LinkedIn
  • ESPN
  • BBC

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  • Azure is a Microsoft-generated cloud computing service. It is a collection of different cloud computing services, such as remotely hosted and administered Microsoft proprietary technology and open-ended technologies.
  • Azure was released in 2010 as a powerful AWS rival with a variety of configurable options.
  • Azure depends on the huge data capacity of Microsoft to deliver services in the form of software, platform and infrastructure.
  • Azure now controls 29.4% of the installed base, assessed by workload and a 30% market share.
  • Azure has 44 zones of access with another 12 on the way.
  • Azure has a few popular customers:
  • Samsung
  • Boeing
  • eBay
  • HP
  • Adobe


  • DevOps is a process, not a tool or a service. The full life cycle of the programme may be automated with this technique. It is the union of individuals, processes and goods which allows end-users to be provided with ongoing value. Both the software development lifecycle is automated by AWS and Azure. Now let us examine what the two cloud giants differ.
  • Infrastructure: From the outset, AWS began to scan from the infrastructure. It has continuously advanced its innovation curve and provides services that IT operations can simply understand and utilise for supporting their computing and storage needs on-demand.

DevOps Engineer Skills For AWS:

AWS DevOps Engineer needs the following competencies:

  • Services for AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, etc)
  • Check Version ( CodeCommit)
  • Tools for CI/CD (CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeBuild)
  • Additional DevOps Tools (Ansible, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, etc)


DevOps Engineer Skills for Azure:

Azure DevOps Engineer need the following skills:

  • Check Version (Azure Repository)
  • Tools for Azure DevOps (Azure Boards, Azure Pipeline, Test Plans, Artifacts)
  • Additional DevOps Tools (Ansible, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, etc)


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional DOP-C01:

The DOP-C01 is one of the most difficult yet most highly paid IT certifications. It is meant to evaluate the capacity of the applicant to provide, operate, and manage the distribution of AWS systems:

  • Implement and manage continuous AWS delivery systems and processes                        
  • Implementation and automation of security checks, governance and validation of compliance.
  • Defines and implements AWS surveillance, metrics, and logging.
  • Implement highly accessible, scalable and self-healing systems on the AWS   platform.
  • Tools for the automation of operating processes design, manage and maintain.


Azure DevOps Engineer [AZ-400]

The DevOps Engineer Expert certification candidates should have competence with people, processes and technology to provide business value on an ongoing basis.

  • DevOps Strategy design 
  • Development procedures are implemented.
  • Continuous integration implementation
  • Continuous delivery implementation
  • Dependency management implementation
  • Implement infrastructure applications
  • Continuous feedback implementation                                                                                                                                                                                            

AWS vs Azure:

In a collaborative environment with continuous integration and continuous deployment, the differences between the suite of AWS and Azure DevOps tools are much more subtle and nuanced than significant in terms of general DevOps requirements for coding, building, testing, packaging, releases, set-up and monitoring. The biggest differences in the interaction with their different platforms between the Azure and AWS DevOps tool kits. For obvious reasons, both programms include the appearance and feel of their respective cloud users. In AWS DevOps the Azure DevOps suite is significantly easier to start while better integrated

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