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AWS Sysops Administrator Training in Chennai

The AWS Sysops Administrator Associate course will teach you how to automate and repeatable deployment of networking and systems on the AWS platform. We will look into AWS attribute and tools related to configure deploy and best practices configuring and deploying the system. At the end of your course you can apply your knowledge to your working environment because of different types of hands on practices.

AWS Sysops Administrator Training in Chennai

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Course Syllabus

Overview of AWS SysOps Administrator Associate

  • AWS fundamentals

  • History of AWS

  • AWS Regions and Availability Zones

  • AWS Security and Compliance

  • AWS Products and Services

  • About AWS SysOps Administrator– Associate

Fundamentals of Amazon Web Services

  • Fundamentals of Amazon Web Services

  • Network services

  • Compute services

  • Storage services

  • Security and identity services

AWS Platform Services

  • Databases

  • Management tools

  • Analytics tools

  • Application services

  • Developer tools

  • Mobile and IoT services

AWS Identity and Access Management

  • Overview of Identity and Access Management

  • Managing Users

  • Managing Groups

  • Managing Roles

  • Types of credentials in AWS

  • Managing policies and assigning permissions

AWS Virtual Private Cloud

  • VPC overview

  • VPC subnets

  • VPC endpoints and AWS PrivateLink

  • VPC peering connections

  • Network security in the VPC

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud

  • EC2 overview

  • EC2 shared responsibility and availability

  • EC2 instance pricing models

  • Components of a virtual machine instance

  • Instance store and EBS volumes

  • Connecting instances to the network

  • EC2 high availability scenarios

  • EC2 placement groups

Elastic Load Balancing

  • The AWS Elastic Load Balancing service

  • Building an ELB for EC2 instances

  • Classic Load Balancer

  • Application Load Balancer

  • Network Load Balancer

Simple Storage Service and Glacier

  • Overview of Amazon S3 and Glacier

  • S3 storage classes

  • S3 Standard

  • S3 Infrequent Access

  • S3 One Zone - Infrequent Access

  • S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage(RRS)

  • Amazon Glacier

  • Data lakes for big data and machine learning

  • Extending the capabilities of enterprise applications

  • Backup and disaster recovery

AWS CloudFront

  • Overview of CloudFront

  • Edge Locations

  • Content delivery methods

  • Cache behavior

  • Creating a CloudFront distribution

  • Deleting a CloudFront distribution

AWS Storage Options

  • Introduction to Elastic File System(EFS)

  • Performance

  • Security and resilience of EFS

  • Introduction to Storage Gateway

  • Introduction to Snowball Security

  • Snowball Edge

  • Introduction to Snowmobile Security

Route 53 Domain Name System

  • Introduction to Route 53

  • Route 53 supported DNS resource record types

  • Registering a domain and creating a zone

  • Routing policies

  • Simple routing

  • Latency - based routing

  • Weighted routing

  • Failover routing

  • Geolocation routing

  • Multi - value response

Relational Database Services

  • Introduction to RDS

  • RDS engine types

  • RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL

  • Amazon Aurora

  • Changing RDS instance types

  • Read replicas

  • Sharding data over RDS instances

  • Creating and restoring snapshots

Introduction to ElastiCache

  • What is ElastiCache ?

  • Memcached

  • Redis

  • Creating an ElastiCache service

  • Caching strategies

  • Write - through Lazy loading

Amazon DynamoDB - A NoSQL Database Service

  • Introduction to DynamoDB

  • ACID versus BASE

  • Relational versus non - relational DB

  • DynamoDB core concepts

  • Tables

  • Items

  • Attributes

  • Naming rules and data types

  • Primary and sort key

  • Secondary indexes

  • DynamoDB streams

  • Creating a DynamoDB table

  • DynamoDB provisioned throughput

  • DynamoDB partitions and distribution

  • Accessing DynamoDB

  • User authentication and access control

  • DynamoDB service ceiling


  • Introduction to queuing

  • How a queue works

  • Managing queues

  • Introduction to SNS

  • SNS use cases

  • Managing SNS access

  • Introduction to SWF

  • Components of the SWF

  • Managing access with IAM

AWS Lambda

  • Introduction to AWS Lambda

  • Packaging a function

  • Functions, runtimes, sources, and resources

  • Creating a Lambda function

Amazon CloudWatch

  • Introduction to Amazon CloudWatch

  • How CloudWatch works

  • Elements of CloudWatch

  • CloudWatch dashboards

  • Monitoring EC2

  • Monitoring RDS

  • Monitoring ElastiCache

  • SQS monitoring and logging

  • Monitoring SNS with CloudWatch

  • Monitoring Elastic Beanstalk environments

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  • Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk

  • Deploying an application with Elastic Beanstalk

  • Managing Elastic Beanstalk environments

CloudFormation Service

  • Introduction to CloudFormation

  • CloudFormation basic elements

  • Templates

  • Stacks

  • Change sets

  • Creating an EC2 instance using a template

Cloud Orchestration with OpsWorks

  • Introduction to OpsWorks

  • Legacy applications

  • Hybrid environments

  • ComplianceClusters with small dynamic changes

  • Updating and patching

  • Migration of Chef or Puppet

  • AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate

  • AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise

  • Stacks Layers

  • Service layers

  • Instances

  • Apps


Senior Cloud Architect

He is a solutions architect, consultant and software developer that has a particular interest in all things related to Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Security & API. He is recognized as an Cloud Master and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, Azure DevOps, Azure Administrator & AWS Certified DevOps Professional. He loves to teach people how to use the AWS properly, to get them ready for their AWS certifications, and most importantly for the real world.

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    Dynamic Content Acceleration

    The project makes you to understand CloudFront web distribution concepts such as deliver and receive static/dynamic content from AWS edge locations.

    Serverless Web Apps

    The project makes you to understand Serverless architectures available in aws, which includes design, build, and deploy interactive serverless web applications

    AWS CloudFormation

    This project makes you to understand Infrastructure as a code concept using AWS CloudFormation. Practical oriented lab covers, how to reuse templates available in AWS CloudFormation.

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    Monday to Sunday

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    "I have studied here for AWS course. Best center for learning AWS in Chennai."


    "Training was excellent. Trainer covers the course completely practical oriented which make me to understand Advanced aws concepts. I recommend this AWS training for the people need to advance their carrier or to get a high paid job in cloud."

    Mani Kandan

    "I done mechanical engineering. I don't have any previous programming experience. Trainer suggested this course and opted this course. Training was nice. Now i got job offer as aws support executive. I recommend this course who want job in IT without much programming experience."

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    The Course will be completed within 15 Classes and Special Fast track Training which will be completed in one or two days

    You Will be trained by working professional who has real time subject matter are only eligible to become Instructor. So you will be Trained by Professional

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