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Data Science Training in Delhi

Data Science Training in Delhi offered by many institutes. But when you have time, just know the TutorsBot training model by enrolling free demo classes. The training will not only show how to study data science but also how to work as a data scientist in your career. We are taking you the path to learning data science with professionals who will be the subject instructors. Data Science is a cross-curricular platform about scientific methods, processes, and systems to exact knowledge or insights from data in various forms. For that, we have done a lot of analysis to equip learners with all the conceptual and technical skills required for getting a good career in data science.

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Course Overview

                    Data Science is everywhere, and it is growing at an exponential rate around the world, and it will continue to grow at an accelerated pace for the near future. Companies generate huge amounts of data in the form of blogs, messages, transaction documents, mobile device data, social media, and other forms of communication. By effectively utilising this data, a companies can generate vital value and grow their economy by increasing productivity, improved productivity, and providing more value to customers.

Data Science course program

                This Data Science Training in Delhi aids in categorising disruption and communicating its potential, allowing data and analytics leaders to drive better results. Top companies believed that data analysis was necessary for significant benefits. They put data insights to good use for the benefit of users.

                  Human decision-making is becoming increasingly insufficient to keep up with the never-ending expansion of data. However, in Data Science technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning excel at solving highly complex data-rich problems. Data scientists develop new methodologies to think beyond the human brain and maintain balance with information that has evolved, disrupted, and is being used across industries. Data scientists must embark on "big data expeditions" to search for previously unknown value in data – the first common application of data science and big data analytics. Marketing segmentation, advertising, fine-tuning dynamic pricing models, and banks identifying risks and adjusting financial risk models are examples of typical applications.

Course Syllabus

Getting Started with Python

  • Introduction about the Python

  • Different Version of Python

  • Installing Python

  • Check the Python Installation

  • Python Command Line

  • Advantage of Using Python Command Line

Setting up the Development Environment

  • What is Integrated Development Environment?

  • Installing the IDE

  • Installing the Extension for the Python Programming

  • Exploring the IDE

Python Programming –Basic

  • Python Syntax and Code Block

  • Understanding Python Indentation

  • Commenting the Code in Python

  • Variables in Python

  • Defining the Variables

  • Data types in Python

  • String Data types

  • Numeric Data Types

  • Boolean Data Types

  • Operators in Python

  • Arithmetic Operators

  • Comparison Operators

  • Logical Operators

Python Programming –Fundamentals

  • Function Introduction

  • Defining or creating the function

  • Code Reusability using function

  • Function Definition

  • Function Accessing

  • Passing Parameters to the Functions

  • Returning from the function

  • Function with default Parameters

  • Keyword Arguments and Positional Arguments

  • Control Statements introduction

  • Condition Introduction

  • If Statement in Python

  • If else statement in Python

  • If elif statement in Python

  • Nested statement in Python

  • Loops Introduction

  • For Loop

  • Break statement for Execution Control

  • Continue statement for Execution Control

  • Pass statement for Execution Control

  • While statement

  • Nested Loop Statements

  • Conditions inside the loops

  • Exception handling introduction

  • When Error Occurs

  • Error Types

  • Catching Exceptions

  • Basic exception handling

  • Nested exception handling

  • Custom Exception Creations

  • Finally Clause

  • Package Introduction

  • Package types

  • Package cache

  • Modules

  • Importing the package

  • Import statement in python

  • From import statement

  • Finding Package on Disk

  • Downloading third-party Package

  • Opening anaconda prompt

  • Working with anaconda prompt

  • Installing package using pip

  • Viewing the Package Content

  • Package Documentation

  • List Introduction

  • Creating List

  • Accessing List

  • Looping through Lists

  • Modifying Lists

  • Searching Lists

  • Sorting Lists

  • Printing Lists

  • List Methods

  • Understanding Collections

  • Working with Tuples

  • Working with Dictionaries

  • Creating and Using Dictionary

  • Creating Stacks using Lists

  • Working with queues

  • Working with queues

Python Programming –Advance

  • Class Introduction

  • Class Packaging method

  • Class Definition

  • Built-in Class Definition

  • Object Instance

  • Inheritance

  • Multiple Inheritance

  • Private Variables

  • Working with methods

  • Working with constructors

  • Working with properties

Python Libraries

  • Python Standard Library

  • Math Module Function

  • Data Science Library

  • Import : A Deeper Look

  • Using IPython

Introduction to Data Science

  • Basic Descriptive Statistics

  • Measures of Central Tendency

  • Mean, Median and Mode

  • Measure of Dispersion

  • Simulation and Static Visualization

  • Sample Graph

  • Visualizing the Frequencies and Percentage

  • Dynamic Visualization

  • How Dynamic Visualization works

  • Implementing a Dynamic Visualization

  • Pandas, Regular Expressions and Data Munging

NumPy –The Python Package

  • NumPy Introduction

  • Creating Array

  • Array Attributes

  • Filling Arrays with Specific Values

  • Creating Arrays from Ranges

  • List and Array Performance

  • Array operators

  • NumPy Calculation Methods

  • Universal Functions

  • Indexing and Slicing

  • Shallow Copies

  • Deep Copies

  • Reshaping and Transposing

String Operations

  • String Formatting String

  • Presentation Types

  • Field widths and Alignment

  • Numeric Formatting

  • String’s Format Method

  • Concatenating and Repeating Strings

  • Changing Character Case

  • Comparison Operators for Strings

  • Searching for Substrings

  • Replacing Substrings Splitting and Joining Strings

  • Character and Character Testing Methods

  • Raw String

  • Regular Expressions Introduction

  • Re Module and Function full match

  • Replacing Substrings and Splitting Strings

  • Other Search functions, Accessing Matches

  • Working with CSV files

  • Python Standard Library Module CSV

  • Reading CSV files into Pandas Data Frames

  • Reading the Titanic Disaster Dataset

  • Simple Data Analysis with Titanic Disaster Dataset

  • Passenger Age Histogram

Data Structure and Algorithms

  • Introduction

  • Factorials

  • Recursive Factorial

  • Recursive Fibonacci Series

  • Recursion vs Iteration

  • Searching and Sorting

  • Linear Search

  • Efficiency of Algorithms Binary Search

  • Binary Search Implementation

  • Big O of the Binary Search

  • Sorting Algorithm

  • Selection Sort

  • Selection Sort Implementation

  • Insertion Sort

  • Merge Sort

  • Searching and Sorting Algorithms

  • Visualizing Algorithms

  • Generator Functions

  • Implement the Selection Sort Animation

Natural Language Processing(NLP)

  • Introduction

  • TextBlob

  • Creating a TextBlob

  • Tokenizing Text into Sentences and Words

  • Parts of Speech Tagging

  • Extracting Noun Phrases

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Language Detection and Translation

  • Pluralization and Singularization

  • Spell Checking and Correction

  • Normalization Word Frequencies

  • n-grams

  • Bar Chart and Word Clouds

  • Natural Language Datasets

Machine Learning Classification, Regression and Clustering

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Scikit Learn

  • Types of Machine Learning

  • Datasets Bundled with Scikit Learn

  • Classification with K-Nearest Neighbors and Digits Dataset

  • k-nearest Neighbours Algorithm

  • Loading the Dataset

  • Visualizing the Data

  • Splitting the Data for Training and Testing

  • Creating the Model

  • Training the Model

  • Predicting Digit Classes

  • Classification with k-Nearest neighbors and Digits Dataset

  • Metrics for Model Accuracy

  • K-Fold Cross-Validation

  • Running Multiple Models to Find the Best

  • Hyperparameter Tuning

  • Time Series and Simple Linear Regression

  • Multiple Linear Regression

  • Loading the Dataset

  • Exploring the Data with Pandas

  • Visualizing the Features

  • Splitting the Data for Training and Testing

  • Training the Models

  • Testing the Model

  • Regression Model Metrics

  • Choosing the Best Models

  • Unsupervised Machine Learning

  • Dimensionality Reduction

  • k-Means Clustering

  • Loading the Iris Dataset

  • Descriptive Statistics with Pandas

  • Visualizing the Dataset

  • K Means Estimator

  • Reduction with Principal Component Analysis

  • Choosing the Best Clustering Estimator

Deep Learning

  • Deep Learning Introduction

  • Deep Learning Application

  • Deep Learning Demo

  • Keras Resources

  • Keras Built-in Datasets

  • Custom Anaconda Environments

  • Neural Networks

  • Tensors

  • Tuning Deep

  • Learning Models

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Deep Q-Learning


Data Science Trainer

Data Science Training Expert worked as Data Scientist for five years, he is an expert in Python, R, Machine Learning, Data Visulaisation, Deep Learning, NLP. He is good at mentoring for career guidance

Data Science Training in Delhi Key Skills

  • Python Language
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Advantages in TutorsBot

  • Placement Team for Job Assurance to Course Enroller
  • Professional Trainer from IT Industry
  • Deidicated Support Team for Training and Development
  • Practical Training Program includes Hand On Project Session
  • More than 150 Subject Matter Expert Community
  • Five Years of Training Services Provider
  • Placed More than 850 Students

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In the training session, you create a simple but fun chatbot. The chatbot is one of the trendings and most demanded skills in data science so we give project session focused for chatbot project.

Recommendation System

The recommendation system is one of the most basic and common uses of data science. In the Training module the creation of a recommendation system for the users based on earlier data creation and behaviour similarities.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is a kinda fun project, making computer recognize the person by providing input. these projects give another solid ground over the data science.

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Wednesday, July 24th 2024

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Class Duration : One Hour

Saturday, July 27th 2024

Saturday to Sunday

5:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT +5:30

Class Duration : Three Hours

Monday, August 5th 2024

Monday to Friday

5:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT +5:30

Class Duration : One Hour

Saturday, August 3rd 2024

Saturday to Sunday

5:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT +5:30

Class Duration : Three Hours

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The course is in line with respective certification programs, and upon the completion of the training, TutorsBot’s course completion certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the projects, along with other certifications.

This certificate is a proof that you have completely mastering in the domain. This certificate validate you have worked in assignments, exercises, projects and case studies. Share your certificate and achievement on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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Timing 8:00 to 10:00


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Monday to Sunday

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Monday to Sunday

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Course Review

Rekha Warnakar

"Tutorsbot aided me in my training and advancement to a profession in data science. I was given various homework and projects by the instructor. For career placement, I would suggest Tutorsbot."


"Last week, I attended a cloud expert webinar hosted by TutorsBot. It exposes me to cloud technology, thus I changed my professional path. Classes that were 60% practical and 40% participatory provided me an advantage in learning. "

Irshad Ahmed

"Transitioned my profession from customer service to cloud administrator; big thanks to TutorsBot's placement and support teams, who are fast to resolve issues. The instructor's instruction and upskilling training are worthwhile reasons to participate in the course. "


"The fundamental syllabus of the training programme was a real-world practical course. Training instructors are industry professionals who are well-versed in their fields. "

Dilip Kumar

"I had a great learning experience with TutorsBot and want to enrol for another certification. Another point I'd want to emphasise is service after the training is over. As a student, this is what I am always looking for. They always provide responses on time."


"Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated. The support crew was always available to me in order to resolve any technical or out-of-the-box difficulties. I also received my course certificate on time."

Manoj Kumar

"TutorsBot got me in because of their shown experience in testing and quality assurance. I learned the Magic of Testing here. The finest aspect is the constant and personal connection with the Trainer, as well as the Live Projects, Certification Training, and Study Material."

Tamil Selvan

"Hello, my name is Tamil Selvan, and I completed TutorsBot's Data Science course last month. Their coaching was excellent, and their costs were reasonable. I have sent many of my friends to them, and if you want to learn Data Science, please contact them. "

Harish Kumar

"Parthipan Sir, I was your student when you first began training. I returned to your Informatica session. The training curriculum has really wowed me. This programme has taught me a lot of new things. Thank you really lot."

Prem Kumar

"Parthipan sir, you are simply amazing. I am honoured to be one of your students. The way you handle things and explain the subject is one-of-a-kind. And I'm excited to learn more about this topic from you. Thank you very much. "


"At TutorsBot, I learned Data Science and I learned a lot of things in both functional and automation. I am now working as a TEAM LEAD on both automated and manual projects. The whole credit for this belongs to the TutorsBot team. "

Sakthi Vel

"Instructors are supportive and helpful. The course syllabus and training sessions make it easy to clear Data Science course Thanks, TutorsBot for the Data science training online course."


"Though there were 20 students in the session. The instructor is very patient in doubt resolution for each trainee; I will give 9 out of 10 for the Data Science Coaching Center in Delhi."


"Relevant and useful training program for the career transition. Course exercises and project mentoring were extremely useful for the newer. From a non-IT into an IT career, I highly suggest a Data Science Training in Delhi."


"Instructor-led training program was interactive. We can resolve our doubts over the call or email or community. convenient online training and experienced instructor for the Data Science course."

Rituraj Kumar

"The best online training institute and I highly recommend TutorsBot for the Data Science course. Valuable to enroll in a master's program. The training session and project session were very useful. The TutorsBot support team resolve my query quickly and instructors were professionals in the industry."

Dhara Samanta

"I was more satisfied with the TutorsBot python program. Training session and project session was learning from real-world Data Science. I already referred TutorsBot for a digital marketing course to my colleagues and friends"

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Training FAQ

TutorsBot’s program faculties are screened through multiple profiles with over 5 years of experience in the industry domain and have reputed training backgrounds. We select the faculties only after evaluating technical knowledge with many alumni ratings then they are allowed to be training faculties in TutorsBot.

To know more about the data science training program, you can either contact us through a phone call, email, or live chat. Our customer service team can provide a detailed explanation and further, they can resolve your queries about the course

TutorsBot team provides support from training onboarding, assignments, micro-learning exercise, and doubt resolutions. The TutorsBot team also provides resume building, mock interview, placement assistance, and project mentoring.

No, TutorsBot's placement team helps to increase the opportunity of getting the job by providing technical training, industry projects, case studies, resume preparation and mock interviews.

At TutorsBot, you can enroll in either instructor-led online training or instructor-led campus training. We also provide corporate training for workforce upskilling.

You can make payment with any of the following options: credit card, debit card, net banking, and wallets and by cash. After paying the payment you will receive an email with the receipt.

Yes, After deducting admission fees for the training program; We will refund the remaining amount. Refund will not avail after attending five classes of the course enrollment. To know more about the refund policy, check our Refund Policy webpage in the website's footer.

Other benefits of learning data science help you gain knowledge on data science concepts such as Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Data Visualization; You can also enroll in the data science program to get data science certifications.

Data science training program will have a duration of 3 months.

TutorsBot offers a data science training with placements. In this training program, you will have training sessions and project sessions. The training course covers core concepts focused on Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Visualization. These topics will help you attain proficiency in data science. During the training, you will encounter various projects, case studies, micro exercises, and assignments with mentoring support. We also provide data scientist career assistance.

Data science is becoming a high-demand job in the industry. Enrolling in a data science program will increase your knowledge in data science and increase your career transition. In this course, the training syllabus updated based on current domain trends.

Yes, we provide machine learning, Java, Python, Data Visualization, Tensor flow, Pandas, AWS, and Azure.

Our educators employ a wide range of online technologies and strategies to enhance the online training experience. Our lecturer instructs students to log in at the specified time. In an online context, they may observe, interact with, and explain questions emerging from presentations, as well as connect with learning materials. They can also submit their homework online.

It is undoubtedly worthwhile. Data Science is in high demand and will expand at an exponential rate in the future. As a result, job searchers have a lot of options. Data Science is a combination of software development and IT operations that focuses on communication, collaboration, and integration. So anyone interested in learning Data Science has a bright future. There was no second thinking about it.

We do, indeed. As technology advances, we update our curriculum and give you with training on the most recent version of that technology.

All online training sessions are recorded. You will receive recordings of the sessions so that you may see the online lessons whenever you like. You can also attend another class to make up for the classes you missed.

Yes, you may certainly pay in installments.

Data Science Training in Delhi is a top-rated, in-demand, and simple-to-learn course. There are numerous opportunities available in the IT industry, as well as many others. TutorsBot generates the best placement option for you.