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TutorsBot offers AWS Training in Chennai, In this course, you will have a solid learning experience in various AWS services. We designed this course to clear the AWS Solution Architect exam. The training modules in AWS course in Chennai help you gain knowledge in various aspects of storage services, VPC, Elastic Compute Cloud, Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudFront, CloudTrail, Redshift, Dynamo DB and ElasticCache. AWS classes teach you how to design, plan, and scale AWS cloud in best practices recommended by Amazon Web Services.

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Course Features

40 Hrs Instructor Led Training

3 Industry Projects

20 Hrs Project & Exercise

60 Hrs Applied Learning

Placement Assistance

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Course Overview

This AWS Training provided by TutorsBot will give proficiency in designing, planning, and implementing in AWS Cloud Computing platform. TutorsBot also provide certification training for the following course

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Solution Architect Associate
  • AWS Solution Architect Professional
  • AWS Sysops Administrator
  • AWS Developer
  • AWS DevOps

Course Syllabus

Linux Training

  • Linux Introduction

  • Linux Terminal Overview

  • Linux basic commands

  • Linux Permissions

  • Users and Groups

  • Editing Files

  • Package Management

  • Introduction to apt get command

  • Introduction to PPA

Overview of Cloud Computing

  • What is Cloud Computing?

  • Why Cloud Computing so popular?

  • Cloud Computing Computing Service Models

  • Cloud Computing Deployment Models

  • Cloud Computing Services?

  • Intro about Cloud Computing Providers

  • AWS Course Objective

AWS Introduction

  • What is AWS Cloud Computing?

  • Why AWS?

  • Services and products offered by AWS

  • Creating Account in Amazon Web Services

  • Free Tier Services

  • Management Console Overview

  • AWS Region and Availability Zones

  • AWS Billing Dashboard

  • Compute Services - Introduction

  • Networking Service - Introduction

  • Storage Service - Introduction

  • Other Service - Introduction

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2

  • EC2 Introduction

  • Amazon Machine Image Introduction

  • Linux Based EC2 Instance

  • Windows Based EC2 Instance

  • Creating Custom AMI

  • Amazon Elastic Block Store Introduction

  • EBS Volume Types

  • Attaching EBS Volume to a Linux Instance

  • EBS Snapshots - Creation and Deletion

  • Amazon Elastic File System Introduction

  • EC2 Pricing

  • EC2 Best Practices

Amazon Simple Storage Services S3

  • Simple Storage Services Introduction

  • Amazon S3 Components

  • Creating S3 Bucket

  • Object Version Control in S3 Bucket

  • S3 Policies

  • S3 Storage Classes

  • Object Lifecycle Management

  • Static Website Hosting using S3

  • Cross Region Replication

  • Amazon S3 Pricing

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPC

  • VPC Introduction

  • Virtual Private Cloud Creation

  • Subnets Creations

  • Components of VPC

  • Network Interfaces

  • Route Tables

  • Internet Gateway and NAT

  • VPC Security

  • Security Group and NACL

  • VPC Types and VPC Peering

Autoscaling, Load Balancing

  • Autoscaling Introduction

  • Components of Auto Scalling

  • Vertical Scaling and Horizontal Scaling

  • Lifecycle of Auto Scaling

  • Scaling Options

  • Autoscaling Policies

  • Intorduction to Loadbalancer ELB

  • Different types of Loadbalancer in ELB

  • Network Load Balancer

  • Classic Load Balancer

  • Application Load Balancer

  • Components and Architecture of Load Balancer

  • ELB Pricing

Amazon Route53

  • Amazon Route53 Introduction

  • Domain Name System - DNS and How DNS works

  • Route53 Terminologies

  • Route53 Policies

  • Route53 Pricing

Amazon Web Service Database Services

  • Database Introduction

  • Database Types

  • Database on AWS

  • Amazon Relational Database Service RDS - Introduction

  • Creating RDS Database Instance

  • Feature of RDS

  • RDS Pricing

  • Amazon Aurora Introduction

  • Feature of Aurora

  • Amazon Aurora Pricing

  • DynomoDB Introduction

  • Feature of DynomoDB

  • Amazon Redshift Introduction

  • Feature of Redshift

  • Amazon Redshift Pricing

  • Amazon ElastiCache Introduction

AWS IAM and Security

  • Introduction to Security

  • Introduction Identity and Access Management

  • AWS IAM Terminologies

  • IAM Features

  • Multi-factor authentication MFA

  • IAM Users and Groups

  • IAM Policies and Perimissions

  • Types of IAM Policies

  • AWS Directory Service

  • AWS Organisations

  • AWS SSO - Single Sign On

Application Services in AWS

  • AWS Application Services Introduction

  • What is SQS - Simple Queue Services

  • How does SQS work

  • Configuring SQS

  • What is SNS - Simple Notification Services

  • How does SNS work

  • Setting up Amazon SNS Notification

  • What is Simple Email Service

  • How does SES work

Monitoring Services in AWS

  • Introduction to CloiudWatch

  • CloudWatch Metrics

  • CloudWatch Architecture

  • CloudWatch Alarms

  • CloudWatch Logs

  • CloudWatch Pricing

  • CloudTrail Introduction

  • Tracking API Usage

Serverless in AWS

  • Introduction to AWS Serverless Services

  • AWS Lambda Introduction

  • Lambda Proxy and API

  • Serverless Application Models

AWS High Available Architecture and Design

  • AWS Architectured Framework

  • AWS CloudFormation Introduction

  • Creating EC2 instance using AWS CloudFormation

  • Amazon Web Service Key Management Service


Senior Cloud Architect

Ghani is Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer, and Software Developer. He has over 10+ years of experience. He has worked in prominent IT service-providing companies. His experience covers many industries particularly in Financial Services, Banking, and SaaS industries. Ghani recognized as a Cloud Master who is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, Azure DevOps Engineer, Azure Administrator & AWS Certified DevOps Professional.

IOS Developer Training In Chennai Key Skills

  • AWS S3, Glaciers and EBS
  • AWS EC2 & Elastic Beanstalk
  • Amazon VPC & Elastic IP
  • IAM and AWS Compliance
  • AWS CloudFormation & CloudWatch
  • Amazon DynomoDB, Redshift
  • Amazon ElastiCache
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Advantages in TutorsBot

  • Placement Team for Job Assurance to Course Enroller
  • Professional Trainer from IT Industry
  • Deidicated Support Team for Training and Development
  • Practical Training Program includes Hand On Project Session
  • More than 150 Subject Matter Expert Community
  • Five Years of Training Services Provider
  • Placed More than 850 Students

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Push Notification Services

Sending notifications to the users based on their age by using AWS SNS Services and private and public subnets to secure EC2 Instances.

Deploying Web App on AWS

Using AWS EC2 services EC2, ELB, S3, ELB, VPC and auto-scaling to create the high-available, robust, and scalable deployment.

Identity and Access Management

In this project, the candidate will create users in IAM for providing access, creating groups by adding users, and creating policies based on the groups

IaC using CloudFormation

Here study, the candidate will reduce deployment time, defining deletion rules, provisioning, and deploying AWS resources using AWS CloudFormation.

Relational Database in AWS

This case study using RDS to create a database with high availability and scalability. Case Studies include an activity of creating database architecture.

Training Options

Self Paced Learning

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Instructor-Led Training

Wednesday, July 24th 2024

Monday to Friday

5:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT +5:30

Class Duration : One Hour

Saturday, July 27th 2024

Saturday to Sunday

5:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT +5:30

Class Duration : Three Hours

Monday, August 5th 2024

Monday to Friday

5:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT +5:30

Class Duration : One Hour

Saturday, August 3rd 2024

Saturday to Sunday

5:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT +5:30

Class Duration : Three Hours

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Get Your Course Certificate

The course is in line with respective certification programs, and upon the completion of the training, TutorsBot’s course completion certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the projects, along with other certifications.

This certificate is a proof that you have completely mastering in the domain. This certificate validate you have worked in assignments, exercises, projects and case studies. Share your certificate and achievement on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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Course Timing


Monday to Friday

Timing 8:00 to 10:00


Saturday & Sunday

Timing 9:00 to 9:00


Monday to Sunday

Timing 7:00 to 10:00


Monday to Sunday

Timing 7:00 to 10:00

Course Review

Rekha Warnakar

"Thank you for the AWS Certification Training Course, TutorsBot. The training resources for each AWS topic are insightful and comprehensive. It was great to have experienced professors and to profit from project sessions. "

Amol Verma

" Last week, I attended a cloud expert webinar hosted by TutorsBot. It exposes me to cloud technology, thus I changed my professional path. Classes that were 60% practical and 40% participatory provided me an advantage in learning."


"Transitioned my career from Customer support to cloud administrator; Big hands for the TutorsBot's placement team and support team who are quick in doubt resolution. The instructor's teaching and upskilling training are worth course enrolling. "

Ajay Jain

"Though there were 20 students in the session. The instructor is very patient in doubt resolution for each trainee; I will give 9 out of 10 for the AWS Certification Coaching Center in Chennai "

Irshad Ahmed

" The AWS Certification Training Course has enabled me to develop in my career. The training is in conformity with AWS standards. Quick question resolution using TutorsBot, as well as instructor-led engagement, are advantageous.The AWS Certification Training Course has enabled me to develop in my career. The training is in conformity with AWS standards. Quick question resolution using TutorsBot, as well as instructor-led engagement, are advantageous."


"The fundamental syllabus of the training programme was a real-world practical course. Training instructors are industry professionals who are well-versed in their fields. "

Dilip Kumar

"I had a great learning experience with TutorsBot and want to enrol for another certification. Another point I'd want to emphasise is service after the training is over. As a student, this is what I am always looking for. They always provide responses on time."


"Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated. The support crew was always available to me in order to resolve any technical or out-of-the-box difficulties. I also received my course certificate on time."

Manoj Kumar

"TutorsBot got me in because of their shown experience in testing and quality assurance. I learned the Magic of Testing here. The finest aspect is the constant and personal connection with the Trainer, as well as the Live Projects, Certification Training, and Study Material."

Tamil Selvan

"Hello, my name is Tamil Selvan, and I completed TutorsBot's AWS training course last month. Their coaching was excellent, and their costs were reasonable. I have sent many of my friends to them, and if you want to learn AWS training course, please contact them."

Harish Kumar

"Ghani Sir, I was your student when you first began training. I returned to your Informatica session. The training curriculum has really wowed me. This programme has taught me a lot of new things. Thank you really lot. "

Prem Kumar

"Ghani sir, you are simply amazing. I am honoured to be one of your students. The way you handle things and explain the subject is one-of-a-kind. And I'm excited to learn more about this topic from you. Thank you very much. "


"At TutorsBot, I learned AWS Course and learned a lot of things in both functional and automation. I am now working as a TEAM LEAD on both automated and manual projects. The whole credit for this belongs to the TutorsBot team. "

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Training FAQ

TutorsBot Master's program faculties are screen through multiple profiles with over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing domain and training. We select the faculties only after evaluating technical knowledge with many alumni ratings then they allow to be training faculties in TutorsBot.

To learn more about the AWS training programme, please contact us by phone, email, or live chat. Our customer support team can offer a thorough explanation and answer any questions you may have regarding the master's programme.

TutorsBot team provides support from training onboarding, assignments, micro-learning exercise, and doubt resolutions. TutorsBot team also provide resume building, mock interview, placement assistance, and project mentoring.

No, TutorsBot's placement team help to increase the opportunity of getting the job by providing technical training, industry projects, case studies, resume preparation and mock interviews.

At TutorsBot, you can enroll in either instructor-led online training or instructor-led campus training. We also provide corporate training for workforce upskilling.

You can make payment any of the following options credit card, debit card, net banking, and wallets and by cash. After paying the payment you will receive an email with the receipt.

Yes, After deducting admission fees for the training program; We will refund the remaining amount. Read our refund policy to learn more. Refund will not avail after attending five classes of the course enrollment. To know more about the refund policy, check our Refund Policy webpage in the website's footer.

AWS training program will have a duration of 2 months.

TutorsBot offers AWS training with placements. In this training, you will have training sessions and project sessions. The training covers core concepts focused on AWS EC2, Amazon VPC, AWS storage services, AWS compute services. These topics will help you attain proficiency in AWS. During the training, you will encounter various projects, case studies, micro exercises, and assignments with mentoring support. We also provide AWS career assistance.

Other benefits of learning AWS help you gain knowledge on AWS services such as AWS Storage, AWS Storage, AWS VPC, You can also enroll in the AWS training to get AWS certifications.

AWS is becoming a high-demand job in the industry. Enrolling in an AWS program will increase your knowledge in AWS and increase your career transition. In this course, you can also learn AWS with projects and exercises.

Yes, we provide Microsoft Azure, GCP, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Git, GitHub, Maven, and Chef.

Buffers are used to strengthen the system and regulate traffic by synchronising separate components. The component handles requests in an unbalanced manner. The components will work at the same pace and will be balanced with the aid of a buffer.

No. To study AWS, you will not need any coding experience. In addition, depending on the work, you may be required to master certain programming abilities.

The AWS developers are in charge of delivering, maintaining, and developing the web applications' cloud infrastructure. It is anticipated that they understand the basic AWS services and adopt efficient scalability and security policies. The AWS developers have a variety of duties that both assure their personal progress and aid the organization's growth. They may code in a variety of programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, and others. They are in charge of putting the new and upcoming services into action. They are responsible for developing business apps.

We do, indeed. As technology advances, we update our curriculum and give you with training on the most recent version of that technology.

All online training sessions are recorded. You will receive recordings of the sessions so that you may see the online lessons whenever you like. You can also attend another class to make up for the classes you missed.

Yes, you may certainly pay in installments.