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TutorsBot offers the Best MongoDB Training in Pune, with effective NoSQL programs that include real-time applications and hands-on experience. It is a major open-source and document-oriented NoSQL application built in C++. If you are interested in studying something great at a location that elaborates on it in an even more engaging way, we would love to have you as a student at TutorsBot.

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Course Overview

What Is MongoDB?

                                                   MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented NoSQL database project. It has been intended for simple scaling and use, and it allows dynamic schema creation. This database is used by many organizations to store dynamic data in the cloud and on-premises systems. We offer the finest MongoDB Developer and Administrator Training in Pune from highly experienced experts. This course syllabus covers MongoDB programming and administration from beginning to expert levels.
                                                   This course teaches you the fundamentals of NoSQL databases, including installation, configuration, and CRUD operations. In addition, we discussed Cluster Operation, Security, various types of Indexes, Replication, and Performance Tuning on MongoDB.

Why Should You Learn MongoDB?

                                       MongoDB is the most widely used NoSQL database. It is adaptable and scalable. It is also a very fast database. It maintains and streamlines data better than other databases. It is a C++-based open source database. It is basic, yet dynamic and simple to use. It is a distributed database designed for general use.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to MongoDB

  • Basic Concepts

  • What is Scaling?

  • Complex and SQL Transactions

  • Overview of Documents

  • Installing MongoDB (windows)

  • Installing MongoDB (linux)

  • JSON

  • Dynamic Schema

  • Mongoimport

  • Introduction to Cursors

  • Query Language: Basic Concepts

  • Query Language: Projection

  • Query Language: Advantages of a Dynamic Schema

  • Shell: Queries

  • Sorting

  • Query Language: Cursors

Crud,Admin & Commands

  • What is Insertion?

  • Update

  • save() Command

  • Partial Updates & Document Limits

  • Removing Documents

  • Multi Update

  • Upsert

  • Wire Protocol

  • Bulk() Operations and Methods

  • Common Commands

  • db.runCommand()

  • db.isMaster()

  • db.serverStatus()

  • db.currentOp() & db.killOp()

  • collection.stats() & collection.drop()

  • Review of Commands

Storage Engine

  • Introduction

  • Storage Engine: WiredTiger

  • createIndex(), getIndexes() & dropIndex()

  • Collection Scans

  • Index Notes

  • Unique Indexes

  • Sparse Indexes

  • TTL Indexes

  • Geospatial Indexes

  • Text Indexes

  • Background Index Creation

  • Explain Plans

  • Covered Queries

  • Read & Write Recap

  • currentOp() & killOp()

  • The Profiler

  • mongostat and mongotop

Replication Overview

  • Asynchronous Replication

  • Statement-based vs. Binary Replication

  • Replication Concepts

  • Automatic Failover

  • Recovery

  • Starting Replica Sets

  • Initiating a Replica

  • Replica Set Status

  • Replica Set Commands

  • Reading & Writing

  • Failover

  • Read Preference

  • Read Preference Options

Reconfiguring a Replica Set

  • Arbiters

  • Priority Options

  • Hidden Option & Slave Delay

  • Voting Options

  • Applied Reconfiguration

  • Write Concern Principles

  • Examining the ‘w’ Parameter

  • Write Concern Use Cases & Patterns

  • Reexamining the Page View Counter Pattern

  • Wtimeout & Capacity Planning

  • Replica Sets in a Single Datacenter

  • Replica Sets in Multiple Datacenters

  • Replica Sets and Storage Engine Considerations


  • Sharding & Data Distribution

  • Replication with Sharding

  • Chunks & Operations

  • Sharding Processes

  • Cluster Topology

  • Running on localhost

  • The Config Database

  • Adding the Initial Shards

  • Enable Sharding for a Collection

  • Working with a Sharded Cluster

  • Cardinality & Monotonic Shard Keys

  • Shard Key Selection Example

  • Process and Machine Layout

  • Bulk Inserts and Pre-splitting

Backup and Restore

  • Overview of Security

  • Security continued: Authentication and Authorization

  • SSL and Keyfiles

  • Security and Clients

  • Intra-cluster Security

  • Overview of Backing Up

  • Mongodump

  • Filesystem Snapshotting

  • Backing Up a Sharded Cluster

  • Backup Strategies

  • Additional Features of MongoDB

  • GridFS

Overview (Tools,Cloud Manager,Bash Scripting)

  • Tools -RoboMongo

  • Cloud Manager (Configuring and Working with MMS, Automation)

  • Bash Scripting (Basics)

MongoDB Atlas

  • Threat Modeling and Security Concepts

  • Encryption

  • Logging

  • Data Flow

  • Network Access Control

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Compliance

  • Configuring VPC Peering

  • VPC Peering Lab

MongooDB Compass

  • Installing MongoDB Compass

  • Connecting to MongoDB Server

  • Preparing the Test Data

  • Navigation and Filtering the Data

  • Interactive Aggreagtion Pipeline Builder

  • Analyzing Schema Structure


Jeyachandran MongoDB Developer is an information technology professional who specialises in programming and developing applications and software with the MongoDB tool. He has worked for well-known IT service providers.

MongoDB Training in Pune Key Skills

  • Mongodump
  • createIndex(), getIndexes() & dropIndex()
  • Analyzing Schema Structure
  • Tools -RoboMongo
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  • Placed More than 850 Students

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Login System With a Profile

Create a login system that includes an editable user profile view. For the backend, you'll use JWT and middleware or Passport.js, and for the frontend, you'll use React with whatever UI framework of your choosing.

Todo App

Make a basic to-do list app. Provide features such as user assignment, project and deadline sorting, priority, task notes, sub-tasks, and so on.

E-Commerce Site

Develop an e-commerce website where anyone may create a new product (without requiring to log in). You will create features such as search, filtering, and sorting choices (price, seller, etc.)

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"Transitioned my career from Customer support to cloud administrator; Big hands for the TutorsBot's placement team and support team who are quick in doubt resolution. The instructor's teaching and upskilling training are worth course enrolling. "


"Excellent program for a career upgrade. Quick query resolutions and effective response from the support team. I recommend TutorsBot for MongoDB training in Pune with placement help. "


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Training FAQ

TutorsBot's training faculties are screen through multiple profiles with over 5 years of experience in the DevOps domain and training background. We select the faculties only after evaluating technical knowledge with many alumni ratings then they allow to be training faculties in TutorsBot.

To know more about the MongoDB training program, you can either contact us through a phone call, email, or live chat. Our customer service team can provide a detailed explanation and further, they can resolve your queries about the master's program.

TutorsBot team provides support from training onboarding, assignments, micro-learning exercise, and doubt resolutions. TutorsBot team also provide resume building, mock interview, placement assistance, and project mentoring.

No, TutorsBot's placement team help to increase the opportunity of getting the job by providing technical training, industry projects, case studies, resume preparation and mock interviews.

At TutorsBot, you can enroll in either instructor-led online training or instructor-led campus training. We also provide corporate training for workforce upskilling.

You can make payment any of the following options credit card, debit card, net banking, and wallets and by cash. After paying the payment you will receive an email with the receipt.

Yes, After deducting admission fees for the training program; We will refund the remaining amount. Refund will not avail after attending five classes of the course enrollment. To know more about the refund policy, check our Refund Policy webpage in the website's footer.

MongoDB training will have a duration of 2 months.

TutorsBot offers MongoDB training with placements. In this training, you will have training sessions and project sessions.

Other benefits of learning MongoDB training help you gain knowledge on MongoDB such as continuous integration, continuous deployment, configuration management, continuous monitoring; You can also enroll in the Mongo program to get MongoDB certifications.