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TutorsBot training institute is the finest location to learn a variety of useful software courses that will help you achieve your job goals. The Node JS course is meant to offer you a better understanding of the IT sector. As the top IT firms hunt for competent individuals, the need for Node JS training is increasing every day. With TutorsBot training, this job-oriented Node JS Certification Course curriculum offers up a new professional opportunity to help you reach greatness.

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Course Overview

Benefits of NodeJS:

                                                 GoDaddy, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, and more businesses utilize Node.js. Many small and mid-sized businesses are adopting the Node.js runtime environment. The rationale for this is to get a head start on their application development. Node.js is used in real-time communication systems such as messengers, social networking, and browser gaming. They prefer to use Node.js in conjunction with a highly scalable "NoSQL DB" like Mongo DB.

What is Node JS?

                                          Node.JS is a server-side programming language. V8 Engine, Google's JavaScript Engine, is used to create it. It's an open-source runtime environment for developing server-side and networking software. JavaScript is used to create this cross-platform application. It may also be run on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux using the Node.JS runtime. We aim to focus on practical hands-on activities to help students improve their expertise. Furthermore, batch sizes are limited to no more than four students per batch in order to provide students with individualized attention.

Course Syllabus

Introduction About Web Development

  • Web Development Introduction

  • Web Application Architecture

  • Types of Web Application

  • Modern Web Development

  • Front End Development Introduction

  • IDE Setup for Web Development

  • HTML and CSS

  • JavaScript

Node JS –A JavaScript Runtime

  • Node JS installation

  • Node JS Shell

  • Creating your first JavaScript Program

  • Running JavaScript Code using the Node JS

  • Difference between Node JS and NPM

  • Creating New Node Project

  • Bringing Library Code using the NPM

  • Different kinds of Dependencies

  • Managing NPM Scripts

JavaScript Programming Language -Basic

  • An Introduction to JavaScript

  • JavaScript Fundamentals

  • JavaScript Coding Block and Syntax

  • Variables and Data Types

  • Declaring New Variable

  • Assigning Value to The Variable

  • Reassigning Value to the Variable

  • Constant in JavaScript

  • Number, String, Boolean

  • Null and undefined in JavaScript

  • Data Types Conversion

  • Different Types of Operators

  • Comparison Operators

JavaScript Programming Language –Fundamentals

  • Conditions Introduction

  • If Conditions

  • Multiple If Conditions using the else if conditions

  • Logical Operators in conditions

  • Switch Cases Statement

  • Default in Switch Cases

  • Loops Introduction

  • For Loops

  • While Loops

  • Do while Loops

  • Function in JavaScript

  • Function Expressions Parameters in Functions

  • Optional Parameter in Functions

  • Return in Functions

  • Function Invoking

  • Objects

JavaScript Programming Language –Intermediate

  • Methods for Number, String

  • Array Methods

  • Array Push, Pop, Slice Methods

  • Loop an Array using For Each Methods

  • Map, Filter, and Reduce Methods

  • Class in JavaScript

  • Class Syntax

  • New Keyword

  • Creating an Object using a Class

  • Properties and Methods

  • Constructors in Class

  • This Keyword

  • Class Inheritance

JavaScript Programming Language –Advance

  • Arrow Function in JavaScript

  • Sync and Async Difference

  • Introduction to Async Programming

  • Call-backs and its examples

  • Promises Introduction

  • Resolve and Reject in the Promises

  • Then, Catch and Finally in Promises

  • Converting a function to Async

  • Await keyword and its examples

  • Error Handling in JavaScript

  • Try Catch –Error Handling

  • Modular Programming

  • Difference between the Common JS and ES16 Import and Export

  • Working with JSON Data

  • JSON Methods

Creating Node JS Application

  • Running NPM Commands

  • Web Servers Introduction

  • App Initialization with NPM

  • Application coding

  • Application Running

  • Request Handling in Webserver

  • Working With Server Code

  • Adding Routes to the Application

  • Responding to the Request

  • Responding the Status Code

  • Serving Static files with FS Modules

  • Serving Assets

  • Making Routes in Another Files

  • Importing Routes file in the Application

  • Application Directory Structure

  • Creating App.js and Router.js

  • Creating Views Adding Assets

  • Creating Routes

Web Development with Express.JS

  • Installing the Express.JS Package

  • Creating First Express.JS Application

  • Routes Creation with Express.JS

  • Request Data Handling with

  • MVC usage

  • Connecting View with Templates

  • Template Engine Introduction

  • Passing Data to the Controllers

  • Layout and Partials

  • Setting up Partials and Layouts

  • Error Handling with Express.JS

  • Serving Static Files

  • Serving Static Views

  • Passing Content to the Views

Database Connection

  • Installing MongoDB

  • Introduction to the NoSQL

  • CLI commands in the MongoDB Shell

  • Connecting the MongoDB to the Node.js Application

  • Mongoose Introduction

  • Installing Mongoose with the Node.js Application

  • Creating a Schema

  • Building Models using the Models

  • Connecting the Controllers and Models

  • Saving Data using the Models

  • Using Promises with Mongoose

  • Adding Data Validation on the Data Models

  • Model Associations Creation

  • Associated Models Data Population

  • Doing CRUD Methods to the Model

  • Creating Models and Inserting Data

  • Reading Data

  • Updating the Data

  • Deleting the Data

Securing theNode.JS Application

  • Security introduction

  • Hashing Passwords

  • Adding Validation Middleware

  • Implement Passport.JS

  • Authentication Users at Login

Developing API to the Application

  • API Introduction

  • Routes for the API

  • Creating an API

  • Calling your API from the Client

  • Accessing API from the Application

  • API namespace

  • API Security

  • Adding API Tokens

  • Using JSON web tokens

  • Adding API for the Multiple Endpoints

Code Management, Testing Application and Deploying to the Production

  • Preparing the Code for Deployment

  • Linting of the Code

  • Debugging the Node.JS Application

  • Testing the Node.JS Application using Testing Framework

  • Preparing for Production

  • Setting up the Database

  • Debugging in Production


Senior DevOps Architect

He is a solutions architect, consultant and software developer that has a particular interest in all things related to Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Security & API. He is recognized as an Cloud Master and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, Azure DevOps, Azure Administrator & AWS Certified DevOps Professional. He loves to teach people how to use the AWS properly, to get them ready for their AWS certifications, and most importantly for the real world.

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    Real Time Chat Apps

    For designing real-time messaging applications, Node.JS is ideal. The Node.JS framework can handle everything from sending messages to displaying them to recording timestamps and showing receipts – all without requiring the user to refresh the page. You'll understand what we're talking about if you've used any chat network, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

    Complex Single Page Applications

    Instead of static web pages, think of single-page apps as desktop programmes. You can add a lot of dynamicity and smoothness to your single-page application by using Node.JS, giving it the sense of a true desktop programme. Single-page apps are popular in the business and are used to create social networking platforms. Single-page apps include GitHub, Twitter, and Gmail.

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