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IOS App Development Training

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Our experienced and enlightened trainers will teach about the use of tools essential to iOS development of iPhone, iPad and iPod. These tools include Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, different iOS SDK libraries and frameworks. The iphone/iPad training we begin by building the relation framework which is necessary to become an efficient iOS developer.Trainings provided to use iOS/iPhone SDK’s Xcode, ULKit framework and Interface Builder, with the help of these tools they can design Apple applications. Our approach towards the training is logical so students have no difficulty in understanding the concepts and acquisition knowledge from there.

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IOS Development Introduction

  • Overview of IOS Development
  • Xcode Introduction
  • Setting up Xcode IDE
  • Creating Xcode Project

Swift Fundamentals

  • Data Types in Swift
  • Control Statements
  • Function and Closures in Swift
  • Swift Objects
  • Swift Classes
  • Enumerations and Structures
  • Protocols and Extensions
  • Error Handling
  • Swift Generics

Developing Application

  • Building the User Interface
  • Model - View - Controllers
  • View Controllers
  • Actions and Outlets
  • Touching Views and Scroll View
  • UITableView
  • ViewController
  • Delegation Patterns

Adaptive Layout

  • Adaptive UI with AutoLayout
  • Constraints in Xcode
  • Size Classes
  • StackViews
  • StackViews with AutoLayout
  • TableView

Tables and Navigation

  • TableView Data Displaying
  • Adding, Delete, and Deleting rows

Searching, Sorting and Data Persistence

  • Sorting the Data
  • Changing the Sort Order
  • Tab Bars
  • Storing Data in iCloud
  • Storing Data in Local


  • Web Services
  • Parsing JSON Data
  • Downloading Data

Debugging and Testing

  • Crash Logs
  • User Interface Debugging
  • Testing the App

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