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Tutorsbot's DevsecOps Training in Ahmedabad is the top DevsecOps training institute in Ahmedabad, will assist you in receiving hands-on development operations instruction from the best instructors. This DevsecOps certification training Ahmedabad discusses how DevSecOps has the potential to motivate students and encourage business transformation in order to improve competition, reduce risk, and optimise organisational expenses. You will learn how DevOps security operations differ from traditional approaches to security during this DevsecOps Course in Ahmedabad, as well as the knowledge and safety instruction that you will require. Enroll in a free demo class today to learn more about DevsecOps certification cost Ahmedabad and trainer details.

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Course Overview

Tutorsbot's DevsecOps Course in Ahmedabad and DevsecOps Certification Training in Ahmedabad will teach you how to protect environments and use the DevSecOps methodology. This programme also includes recommendations for best practises. This course teaches you how to secure both legacy and hybrid cloud environments using the DevSecOps methodology, with a focus on legacy environments. You will also look at traditional continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, as well as best practises for security.

The Advantages of DevSecOps Course in Ahmedabad:

Tutorsbot, the No.1 Devsecops training institute in Ahmedabad, provides the best Devsecops online training in Ahmedabad to help you build a path plan to get a job as an engineer as soon as possible. This Devsecops training and certification in Ahmedabad will provide you with a solid foundation for a good range of abilities, also as individual assistance during your career transition, so that you are self-assured and prepared to achieve your goals Not only that, but there are a slew of benefits.

  • Trainers with more than ten years of experience in the sector.
  • Self-paced, project-based courses designed to provide you with the most up-to-date technological skills available today.
  • Prepared for Work Quick Tracks is a carefully curated collection of courses designed to help you find a new job as soon as possible.
  • Real, live trainers who will provide you with limitless career advice on a one-on-one basis.
  • Regular Q&A sessions related to classes and careers, as well as direct feedback from lessons.
  • Practice Interviewing and Searching for Asistance Placement.
  • Obtain a certificate of completion for your Portfolio course.
  • Resume evaluation is beneficial in order for hiring managers to be impressed.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to DevOps

  • Software Development Introduction

  • Software Development Life Cycle

  • SDLC Models - Waterfall Models, V Models, Sprial Models

  • What is DevOps Methodologies

  • Why DevOps?

  • DevOps Life Cycle

  • Tools used in DevOps

Basics of Virtualization

  • Introduction to Virtual Machines

  • Why Virtualization is Required?

  • How to install Virtual Box?

  • How to create VMs Using Virtual Box?

Virtualization with Vagrant

  • Introduction to Vagrant

  • Why Vagrant is Required?

  • How to Use Vagrant?

  • Vagrantfile

  • Learn how to Launch VMs Using Vagrantfile

Version Control - Source Code Managament

  • What is Source Code Management

  • Version Control Types - From Git to Bitbucket

  • Git Installation and Configuration

  • Open Source Git Introduction

  • What is GitHub and Bitbucket?

  • Life Cycle and Terminologies in Git

  • Creating Repo using Git

  • Basic Git Commands

  • Checking Repo Status

  • Adding File to the Repo

  • Commiting File to the Repo

  • Removing Staged File from the Repo

  • Removing Commited File from the Repo

  • Checking Logs of the Repo

  • Creating, Deleting the Branches

  • Merging Git Branches

  • Resolving Conflicts

  • Git Workflow

  • Working With GitHub / Bitbucket Repo

Continous Integration Tool - Jenkins

  • Continous Integration Introduction

  • Jenkins Introduction

  • Installing and Configuring Jenkins

  • What is Node?

  • Configuring and Setting Node

  • Jobs and Jenkins Plugins

  • Build Commands using Shell or Batch Commands

  • Creating Application Builds

  • Cloning the Sample Project

  • Creating Jenkins Projects and Configuring Git Repo

  • Jenkins Master and Slave Architecture

  • App Packaging in Jenkins

  • Creating Scheduled Build with Jenkins

  • Backup and Restore of Jenkins

  • Cleaning up past build

  • Post Build Triggers

Containerization Using Docker

  • Containerization Introduction

  • Docker Introduction

  • Installing and Configuring Docker

  • Docker Life Cycle, Components and Terminologies

  • Docker Operations

  • Docker Images

  • Docker Swarms

  • Docker Volumes

  • Docker Networks

  • Container Life Cycle

  • Using Dockerfile to Create Custom Image

  • Moving Docker Image to DockerHub

  • Pushing Web App to DockerHub

Configuration Management Using Puppet

  • Configuration Management Introduction - Puppet

  • Puppet Introduction

  • Installing and Configuring Puppet

  • Puppet Architecture

  • Puppet's Master Slave Setup

  • Puppet Resources

  • Puppet Classes

  • Puppet Modules

  • Puppet Manifests

  • Puppet Heira, Forge

  • Puppet Roles and Profiles

  • Writing manifest files

  • Deploying apps to Puppet Master

  • Configuring Test Builds

  • Performing Test Builds

  • Pushing App to Production

Configuration Management Using Ansible

  • Configuration Management Introduction - Ansible

  • Ansible Introduction

  • Installing and Configuring Ansible

  • Ansible Architecture

  • Ansible's Master Slave Setup

  • Ansible Play

  • Ansible Playbook

  • Ansible Roles

  • Ansible Tests and Variables

  • Ansible Tower, AWX and Galaxy

  • Advanced Playbook Usage

  • Applying Configuration Using Ansible

Configuration Management Using Chef

  • Configuration Management Introduction - Chef

  • Chef Introduction

  • Installing and Configuring Chef

  • Chef Fundamentals

  • Chef Cookbooks and Recipies

  • Chef Attributes

  • Chef Testing

  • Advanced Chef Usage

Continous Orchestration Using Kubernetes

  • Continous Orchestration Introduction

  • Kubernetes Introduction

  • Kubernetes Setup

  • Kubernetes Architecture

  • Kubernetes Pods

  • Kubernetes Deployment using YAML

  • Kubernetes Rollback and Update

  • Kubernetes ReplicationSet

  • Lables and Selectors in Kubernetes

  • DeamonSets

  • Services and Ingress in Kubernetes

Web Application Security using Acunetix

  • Introduction to Acunetix

  • Web app focussed DevSecOps Using Acunetix

  • Vulnerability scanning using Acunetix

  • Custom development integration using Acunetix

  • On-site hosting support using Acunetix

  • AD-based user management

  • Git Repository Support using Acunetix

Continuous Code Inspection Using SonarQube

  • Code Inspection Introduction

  • SonarQube Introduction

  • Startegy Planning

  • SonarQube Drive Code Reviews

  • IDE Integration

  • Security : Users, Group and Roles

  • Rule Profile Administration

  • Managing Projects

Infrastructure as a Code IaC Using Terraform

  • What is Infrastructure-as-Code?

  • IaC vs Configuration Management

  • Terraform Introduction

  • Terraform Architecture

  • Terraform Commands - Init, Plan, Apply, and Destory

  • Terraform Resources

  • Terraform Configuration Files

  • Terraform State and Project

  • Terraform in AWS

Continuous Testing

  • Continuous Testing Introduction

  • Software Testing Life Cycle

  • Testing Types

  • Test Driven Development - JUnit

  • Testing Web Application Using Jenkins

Image Building Tool - Packer

  • Image Building Introduction

  • Packer Introduction

  • Installing Packer

  • Setuping Packer

  • Running Packer

  • Provisioning Packer

  • Docker and Packer

  • Testing Packer

  • Pipelines and Workflow

  • Running Packer to create AWS AMI Images

Artifactory - JFrog Artifactory

  • Artifactory Introduction

  • JFrog Artifactory Overview

  • Install and Setup JFrog Artifactory

  • Integrating Jenkins Using Artifactory

Web Server - Apache Tomcat

  • What is Apache Tomcat?

  • Installing, Setup and Configuring Tomcat

  • Running Apache Tomcat

  • Jenkins Integration of Apache Tomcat

Build Management - Maven

  • Build Management Introduction

  • Maven Introduction

  • Maven Architecture

  • Maven Dependencies

  • Maven Plugins

  • Building POM Files

  • Maven Repositories

  • Maven Archetypes

  • Integrating Maven Files

Continuous Log Analysis Tools - ELK

  • Continuous Log Analysis Introduction

  • What is ELK?

  • ELK Installation

  • Components of ELK

  • Features of ELK

  • ELK

  • Configuring Logstash and Kibana

  • Analysing Logs with Logstash and Kibana

NPM - Node Packeage Manager

  • Node JS vs DOM JS

  • Node JS Introduction

  • What is NPM?

  • NPM Installation

  • Node JS – Web Server Coding and Development

  • Node JS - Using Express JS NPM Package

  • NPM Commands - init, install, run

  • NPM Build

SDLC and CI/CD pipeline security

  • What exactly is Secure SDLC?

  • SDLC Security Gates and Activities

  • Security Prerequisites ( Requirements)

  • Modeling of Threats (Design)

  • Secure by Default and Static Analysis ( Implementation)

  • Dynamic Evaluation (Testing)

  • OS Hardening and Web/Application Hardening (Deploy)

  • Compliance/Monitoring of Security (Maintain)

  • Maturity Model for DevSecOps (DSOMM)

  • Maturity levels and tasks involved

  • Four Axes in DSOMM

  • How to Advance from Level 1 to Level 4 Maturity

  • Maturity Level 1 Best Practices

  • Maturity Level 2 Considerations

  • Maturity Level 3 Challenges

  • Aspiration to reach Maturity Level 2

  • Using trade tools to perform the aforementioned activities in CI/CD

  • Embedding Security as part of the CI/CD pipeline

  • DevSecOps and the difficulties of pentesting and vulnerability assessment

  • Hands-on: Design a CI/CD pipeline for a modern application

  • Hands-on experience: Manage the findings in a fully automated pipeline

The Role of Software Component Analysis (SCA) in the CI/CD Pipeline

  • What exactly is Software Component Analysis?

  • The Challenges of Software Component Analysis

  • What should you look for in a SCA solution? (Free or Commercial)

  • SCA tools such as OWASP Dependency Checker, Safety, RetireJs, and NPM Audit, Snyk are being integrated into the pipeline

  • Demonstration of using OWASP Dependency Checker to scan third-party component vulnerabilities in Java code base

  • Hands-on Labs: Scan third-party component vulnerabilities in Javascript code using RetireJS and NPM

  • Hands-on Labs: Scan third-party component vulnerabilities in Python code base using Safety/pip

Static Analysis in the CI/CD Pipeline

  • What is Static Application Security Testing

  • Static Analysis and Its Difficulties

  • Incorporating SAST tools such as Find Bugs into the pipeline

  • Secrets scanning to prevent secret information from being exposed in the code

  • Writing custom checks to detect leakage of secrets in an organisation

DAST (Dynamic Analysis) in the CI/CD Pipeline

  • What exactly is Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)?

  • The Difficulties of Dynamic Analysis ( Session Management, AJAX Crawling)

  • Incorporating DAST tools such as ZAP and Burp Suite into the pipeline

  • SSL testing for misconfiguration

  • Misconfiguration of the server Secret folders and files are used for testing

  • Creating DAST baseline scans

Aqua Security as Application Security Platform

  • Introduction to Aqua Security

  • Aqua Security supported by Kubernetes

  • IaaS using Aqua Security

  • Vulnerability, Malware, and Secret Detection by using Aqua Security

  • Compliance Checking Using Aqua Security

  • CI/CD integration with Aqua Security

Static Code Analysis using Codecy

  • Overview of Codecy

  • Automated Code Review using Codecy

  • Git integration with Codecy

  • Live review

  • Self-hosting Option using Codecy

Static Application Security Testing using Checkmarx

  • Introduction to Checkmarx

  • Source Code Vulnerability Testing using Checkmarx

  • Open-source Code Security Scanning using Checkmarx

  • Gitlab

  • AWS integration using Checkmarx

  • Central Testing Platform using Checkmarx

  • Enterprise-level Support and Training

Automated Security using Prisma Cloud

  • An Introduction to Prisma Cloud

  • Automated security scanning using Prisma Cloud

  • Open-source foundations

  • Live feedback and mitigation

  • Policy editing using Prisma Cloud

  • Git integration with Prisma Cloud


Senior DevOps Architect

He is a solutions architect, consultant and software developer that has a particular interest in all things related to Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Security & API. He is recognized as an Cloud Master and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, Azure DevOps, Azure Administrator & AWS Certified DevOps Professional. He loves to teach people how to use the AWS properly, to get them ready for their AWS certifications, and most importantly for the real world.

DevSecOps Training in Ahmedabad Key Skills

  • DevSecOps
  • Codacy
  • SonarQube
  • Acunetix
  • GitLab
  • Contrast Security
  • Aqua Security
  • XebiaLabs
  • WhiteSource
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Advantages in TutorsBot

  • Placement Team for Job Assurance to Course Enroller
  • Professional Trainer from IT Industry
  • Deidicated Support Team for Training and Development
  • Practical Training Program includes Hand On Project Session
  • More than 150 Subject Matter Expert Community
  • Five Years of Training Services Provider
  • Placed More than 850 Students

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Security Governance

The solution applies security policies to code automatically to ensure that only appropriate risks are taken. Application vulnerabilities are tracked, managed, and reported as a risk. The solution enables routine security practise assessments to identify risk, compliance, audit, and process improvement opportunities

Application Security Testing of running app

Application Safety Scans that look for vulnerable code behaviour as the code executes in a running app. DAST, IAST, input fuzzing, UEBA/Threat modelling, and mobile app security testing are all examples of advanced testing techniques.

Preventative security guardrails (Pre CI/CD)

Preventative Application Security employs guardrails to assist teams in consistently building secure things from the start. Spell-check-like functionality that detects insecure phrases as the developer types, a bill of materials that restricts developer options to pre-approved code libraries, and auto-discovery that catalogues all third-party code

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Thursday, July 18th 2024

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Monday to Sunday

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Course Review

Vinay Pankaj

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"Enjoyed training sessions and project sessions; Provided me query resolution within a day and certification support is excellent with TutorsBot's DevSecOps course. "

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"Surely Best DevSecOps training institute in Ahmedabad. Thanks for the instructor mentoring and teaching; I benefited a lot from project sessions. Response to the query and coordination for DevSecOps classes in Ahmedabad are excellent. "

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"Thanks, TutorsBot for the DevSecOps Course. The training materials are informative and comprehensive in each DevSecOps topic. Glad to have professional instructors and benefited from project sessions. "

Mala Trivedi

" I Attended a cloud expert webinar by TutorsBot last week. It gives me exposure to cloud technologies, so I switched my career transition. 60% practical and 40% interactive classes gave me an advantage in learning. "

Rekha Warnakar

"Transitioned my career from Customer support to cloud administrator; Big hands for the TutorsBot's placement team and support team who are quick in doubt resolution. The instructor's teaching and upskilling training are worth course enrolling. "


"Though there were 20 students in the session. The instructor is very patient in doubt resolution for each trainee; I will give 9 out of 10 for the DevSecOps Coaching Center in Ahmedabad"

Ajay Jain

"The DevSecOps Course has helped me boost my career goal. Training is in line with the DevSecOps. TutorsBot quick doubt resolution and instructor-led interactive are helpful. "


"The training program core syllabus was a real-world practical syllabus. Training Instructors are knowledgeable and experts in the industry. "

Irshad Ahmed

"I enrolled in a DevSecOps Program Online; the training was excellent. I recommend TutorsBot for learning new Technologies. "

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"I am currently working as a Developer in an MNC. My friend recommended and referred me to TutorsBot's DevSecOps Program. The training course was worth upskilling"

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Shilpa Trevdi

"The support I got from TutorsBot was useful for my career transition. The support team was quick enough to resolve my doubts and technical queries. "


"TutorsBot is one of the best online instructor-led training programs; Facilities were friendly and willing to resolve the trainee's doubt. Most of the doubt resolutions are interactive"


"Thanks a lot to TutorsBot for the master's program, particularly learning the cloud and the program's project sessions, assignments, and exercise are useful. "


"The training is designed to become an expert in DevSecOps. The support team was helpful in doubt resolution and technical clarification. "


"The overall learning experience was up to understanding DevSecOps. exercise and project sessions were good. "


"The assignments and project work provide a good hands-on experience. Support was helpful in technical doubts. "


" This DevSecOps Program helps me get practical knowledge and allows me to understand the concept better. I am able to work in the industry because of industry projects and extremely useful case studies. "

Kuldeep Bhatt

"Thanks, TutorsBot DevSecOps training session. I gave 9 out of 10 for the training and support. Quick doubt resolutions and industry projects were useful. "


"The training was excellent. The trainer was very experienced and approachable in doubt resolution. Thanks, TutorsBot for the doubt resolution; They resolved doubts quickly. "

Aman Shah

" I was more satisfied with the TutorsBot's DevSecOps program. Training session and project session was learning from real-world DevSecOps. I already referred TutorsBot for a digital marketing course to my colleagues and friends. "

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"The training session was more interactive and helpful, particularly the Instructor answering technical questions. TutorsBot is a great place to learn new technologies. "

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"TutosBot had the best trainer for the DevSecOps Course. Training Instructor has in-depth knowledge of DevSecOps and extensive industry experience. "

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"Satisfying course enrollment. The course curriculum is good enough to become an expert in the DevSecOps. Project and hands-on exercises are very useful in upskilling DevSecOps technologies. "

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"I am working as a Developer in an MNC company. I need to take a DevSecOps Course; I visited many training providers, after seeing the TutorsBot review and my learning budget, I chose TutorsBot, The doubt resolution, and course interactiveness is outstanding. "


"Honestly, I enjoyed the DevSecOps Program. I benefited from the program project session and Thanks to the TutorsBot support team for quick query resolution. "


"I had enrolled in the DevSecOps Program. I transitioned my career to an MNC. Thanks to the support team for the doubt resolution and project sessions. "


"The best online training institute and I highly recommend TutorsBot for the DevSecOps course. Valuable to enroll in a master's program. The training session and project session were very useful. The Tutorsbot support team resolve my query quickly and instructors were professionals in the industry. "

Rajan Babu

"It was a wonderful learning experience. I completed my DevSecOps in TutorsBot, now I completed the DevOps master's program. "


"Best applied learning session and best project session. I recommend TutorsBot for those who are looking to learn the latest technologies. "


"The course curriculum was industry-oriented and the project sessions were exceedingly helpful. The exercise session was extremely useful in applied learning. "


"The faculty is so experienced and they teach concepts in simple terms. I benefited well from TutorsBot for the training program. In the future, I will enroll in alternative courses for my upskilling. "

Jeyam Prakash

" In-depth training, I am really grateful for choosing TutorsBot's DevSecOps program. Doubt resolution is quick from the instructor. I will give 9 out of 10 for the full stack training program"

Gaurav Ravi

"The learning experience was impressive, especially during exercise and project sessions. They crafted the course path to transform beginners into experts, especially case studies and exercise. "

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" Simple explanations and relatable examples from the instructor are appreciative. TutorsBot's support team responded to the doubt resolutions quickly. "


"This training program helped me well in my professional growth. I will highly recommend TutorsBot to learn niche technologies. I made the right learning investment in TutorsBot. "


"Well-designed curriculum, Industry projects, and well-skilled instructor. Kudos! Thanks, TutorsBot for the exceptional learning experience. The support team was responsive in query resolutions. "

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Training FAQ

The Course will be completed within 15 Classes and Special Fast track Training which will be completed in one or two days

You Will be trained by working professional who has real time subject matter are only eligible to become Instructor. So you will be Trained by Professional

We Offer Discount for Referral up to 1500 off for the Training and Working Professionals Has Special Offer and Student will have 30% discount if they submit Identity Card

Yes Online Training is Available, You can attend both online and Institute for your convince

How are faculties selected in TutorsBot? TutorsBot’s program faculties are screened through multiple profiles with over 5 years of experience in the industry domain and have reputed training backgrounds. We select the faculties only after evaluating technical knowledge with many alumni ratings then they are allowed to be training faculties in TutorsBot.

To know more about the DevSecOps, you can either contact us through a phone call, email, or live chat. Our customer service team can provide a detailed explanation and further, they can resolve your queries about the master's program.

TutorsBot team provides support from training onboarding, assignments, micro-learning exercise, and doubt resolutions. The TutorsBot team also provides resume building, mock interview, placement assistance, and project mentoring.

No, TutorsBot's placement team helps to increase the opportunity of getting the job by providing technical training, industry projects, case studies, resume preparation and mock interviews.

At TutorsBot, you can enroll in either instructor-led online training or instructor-led campus training. We also provide corporate training for workforce upskilling.

You can make payment with any of the following options: credit card, debit card, net banking, and wallets and by cash. After paying the payment you will receive an email with the receipt.

Yes, After deducting admission fees for the training program; We will refund the remaining amount. Refund will not avail after attending five classes of the course enrollment. To know more about the refund policy, check our Refund Policy webpage in the website's footer.

Other benefits of learning DevSecOps help you gain knowledge on DevSecOps domain …..; You can also enroll in the DevSecOps program to get DevSecOps Course Certifications.

DevSecOps Training program will have a duration of 3 months.

TutorsBot offers a DevSecOps Training with placements. In this training program, you will have training sessions and project sessions. The training course covers core concepts focused on…….. These topics will help you attain proficiency in DevSecOps. During the training, you will encounter various projects, case studies, micro exercises, and assignments with mentoring support. We also provide DevSecOps career assistance.