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Docker Training

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Docker has gained enormous popularity in this fast growing IT world. Docker is a platform which comprise an application and all its dependencies together in the form of containers. This containerization aspect of Docker gives pledge that the application works in any environment.

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Dockers Introduction

  • Overview of Containers
  • Linux Command Shell
  • Windows Powershell
  • Docker Toolbox

Working with Containers

  • Running, Stopping, Starting and Removing Containers
  • Exec and attaching in Running Containers
  • Containers Log

Container Images

  • Creating Images
  • Dockerfiles and Keywords
  • sharing or shipping images

Single-Host Networking

  • The container network model
  • Network firewalling
  • bridge, host, null network
  • Port management

Docker Compose and Orchestrators

  • Demystifying declarative versus imperative
  • Running a multi - service app
  • Scaling a service
  • Tasks of an orchestrator
  • Service discovery
  • Routing, Load balancing, Scaling, Self - healing
  • Security

Introduction to Docker Swarm

  • Architecture
  • Swarm nodes, managers, workers
  • Services, Task, Stack
  • Docker Swarm
  • Deploying a application

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