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Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for making mobile applications for iOS and Android. Flutter Training gives speedy development of an application with great User Interface (UI) and clean native execution. With Flutter, you'll be able to additionally build your app and share them with real-time users by publishing it on Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).To train this course we have got a team of best professionals who guid our students to acquire knowledge about Flutter on live projects. We provide Quality in Flutter Training and come up with position and skillful professionals for the industry.

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Flutter Programming Foundation

  • Introducing Flutter
  • Widget Lifecycle Events
  • Widget Tree and the Element Tree
  • Installing the Flutter Sdk
  • Configuring the Android Studio Editor

Dart Fundamentals

  • Dart Importance in Flutter
  • Main() Entry Point
  • Variables in Dart
  • Operators in Dart
  • Flow Statements in Dart
  • Dart Functions
  • Package Imports
  • Classes
  • Asynchronous Programming

Project Template and Widget Tree

  • Organising Folder and Files
  • Structuring Widget
  • Full and Shallow Widget Tree

Flutter Intermediate

  • Using Basic Widget
  • Images, Icon and Decorators
  • Validating Fields and Orientation Checking
  • Animation in Flutter
  • Advanced Animation in Flutter

User Interface

  • App Navigation
  • List view and List Tile
  • Grid View and Stack
  • Layout Creation
  • Advanced User Interaction
  • Basic Gestures
  • Moving and Scaling
  • Widget
  • Platform Native Code

Data Storage and Retrieving

  • JSON in Nutshell
  • Writing and Reading JSON
  • Storing Data
  • Retrieving Data

App Deployment

  • Checklist Before Deployment
  • App Security
  • Bug Identification and Update
  • Deploying the App

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