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Ionic Mobile Apps Training enables you to create a hybrid mobile application and launch it to multiple platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows. This training is suitable for absolute beginners with no prior mobile application development experience. We are providing step by step training, you will learn how to develop the User Interface, Pages, Functions and APIs’ of the mobile application to connect with the Database.

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Ionic Development Environment Setup

  • Installing Ionic Framework
  • Emulator Setup
  • Device Setup for the App
  • Preview the App in Emulator and Device

Ionic Command Line Interface

  • Cordova Plugin
  • Ionic Generator
  • Ionic Lab Command
  • Emulating Ionic App
  • Running Ionic App on a Device

TypeScript and Angular

  • Angular Introduction
  • Components
  • Inputs
  • Template
  • Events
  • Pipes

TypeScript Introduction

  • Variables
  • Classes
  • Promises
  • Observables
  • Template Strings
  • Arrow Functions
  • Types and Special Types
  • Typing Function

Hybrid App History

  • Apache Cordova
  • PhoneGap

Ionic Development Part 1

  • Ionic Components
  • Scss Files
  • Understanding index.html file
  • Exploring Directory
  • Page Structure
  • Gestures
  • Theming and Typing
  • Saving Data

Ionic Development Part 2

  • HTTP Request
  • for Data Retrieval
  • Ionic Navigation Model
  • Using Google Map in App
  • GeoLocation
  • Map Marker
  • Adding Search
  • Scrolling
  • List Headers
  • Ionic Events and Observables
  • Styling the App

Debugging and Testing Ionic App

  • CORS Issues Dealing
  • Ionic Initialization Debugging

App Deployment

  • Config.xml File
  • App Icon
  • Build Android and iOS app
  • Ionic Deploy, Package and View
  • Ionic Creator

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