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React Native Training

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This training course will give you with almighty and essential knowledge to start building apps using React Native. Whether you are an individual developer, or you are an IT manager with a team of developers you need trained in React Native, this course is idealistic for you .We are guided through the entire React Native development process from setting up your development environment all the way to developing and deploying an app. Along the way, you will learn how to work with React Native components and API’s, as well as best practices for file structure, styles, and more.

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Creating React Environment

  • Installing Dependencies for the Development
  • Creating First App
  • Running App in the Simulator
  • Running App on Both Android and iOS Device

Simple React Natve App Creation

  • Adding Styles to the Elements
  • Toggle Buttons
  • List Items
  • Flexbox to create a Layout
  • Navigation setup

User Interface Implementation

  • Developing Reusable button
  • Creating Design for the Tablet and iPad
  • Including Custom Fonts and Icons
  • Orientation Change Detection
  • Webview to embed external websites
  • Creating a Form Component

Advanced User Interface Implementation

  • Implementing Google Map into the App
  • Audio Player and Image Carousel
  • Creating Push Notification to the App
  • Browser Based Authentication

Simple Animation Implementation

  • Simple Animation
  • Multiple Animation
  • Animated Notification
  • Container Collapse and Extend
  • Loading Animation

Advanced Animation Implementation

  • Advanced Animation Project 1
  • Advanced Animation Project 2
  • Advanced Animation Project 2

Data and Application Logic

  • Storing Data in Local
  • Retrieving and Sending Data from API
  • WebSockets for the communication
  • Persistent Database Functionality
  • Network Connection Lost Masking

Redux, Appwork Flow and Others

  • Redux Overview
  • Working with Redux
  • Choosing App Workflow
  • NativeBase for the Cross Platform UI
  • Styling UI component

Bringing Native Functionality

  • Rendering Custom iOS Component
  • Rendering Custom Android Component
  • Application State Change Reaction
  • Push Notification Setup
  • Playing Audio File in IOS and Android

Deploying The Apps

  • Production, Testing and Build
  • Deploying App on Apple App Store
  • Deploying App on Google Play Store

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