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Git and Github Training

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Git and Github are version control systems. Understand version control concepts such as work flows, branching and merging. Use Git to manage software development and management. This is a comprehensive course for people not familiar with any other distributed version control system. It starts with simple exercises for working in a local repository and finishes with practising working in a team.

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Git Introduction and Basics

  • Version Control Introduction
  • Creating First Repository
  • Basic Git Commands
  • Git Commit for Staging
  • Git Log

Files in Git

  • File Rename in Git
  • Deleting File in GIt
  • .gitignore

Git Branching,Merging and Rebase

  • Creating Branch
  • Deleting Branch in Git
  • Merging Branch
  • Different types of Merging
  • Rebasing in Branch
  • Conflict Handling

Working With Remotes

  • Git Push
  • Git Fetch vs Git Pull
  • Git Merge vs Rebase

Working With Github

  • Cloning a Repository
  • Forking a Repository
  • Git Push on Repository
  • Git Pull on Repository

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