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Jenkins is an Automation and CI Tool. It is a Java application and very easy to learn. Jenkins has become the open source standard for managing the source code management to delivering code to production.Jenkins is a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution. This course is designed for complete Beginners to understand and learn Jenkins from scratch.We will go very basic step by step in this course and by the end you will be able to use Jenkins at all levels

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Jenkins Introduction

  • What is Continuous Delivery
  • Installing and Setting up Jenkins
  • Jenkins Dashboard
  • Jenkins User Management and Security

Jenkins Administration

  • Plugin Introduction
  • Plugin Management
  • Administration Plugin
  • User Interface(UI) Plugin
  • Source Code Management(SCM) Plugin
  • Setting Jenkins with Plugin

Jenkins Upgrading and Updating

  • Maintenance Windows and Host Metrics
  • Jenkins Log and Metrics
  • Upgrading Jenkins Server

Setting up Jenkins for Production

  • Jenkins Server Access Control
  • Jenkins Server Access Point

Views and Freestyle Projects

  • Setting Up Freestyle Project
  • Configuring the Build
  • Setting up View for the Project
  • Setting up view Privileges

Up/Downstream and Parameters Project

  • Project Parameters Configuring
  • Creating Build Parameters and Accessing
  • Creating String Parameters and Accessing
  • Build Triggers
  • create upstream / downstream projects

Jenkins Pipelines

  • Setting up CI workflow
  • Git Repository and Branch
  • Creating Jenkins Pipeline
  • Creating Multibranch Pipeline
  • Global Variables and Building Pull Pipelines

Jenkins Distributed Build

  • The Master Slave Model
  • Setting up our Nodes
  • Docker Container
  • Node Connectivity

Configuring Task and Securely Connecting to the Slave

  • Adding Slave Nodes
  • Freestyle Project on the Nodes
  • Pipeline on Different Nodes

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